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Product Image (Boom barrier )

Godrej Vigiguard Automatic Boom Barrie

Price: 102000 INR/Box

Model number 4 Meter : G4000 Boom Length (mt) G4000 : 4.00 Height of Boom from ground 4 Meter : 884 Housing Dimensions (Approx mm) 4 Meter : 260 x 270 x 1007 Boom Dimension (mm) 4 Meter : 60 x 40 Controller Protecting Rating IP54 Control Panel Power Supply (V) 230 A.C.50/60Hz Motor Power Supply (V) 24 D.C Power (W) 300 Current Draw (A) 1.5 Torque (Nm) 4 Meter : 200 Opening Time (Sec) 4 Meter : 2 to 6 Duty Cycle Intensive use Operating Temp. (C) -20 to +55 Warranty 1 Year

Product Image (GScan HZ 10 Hand Held Metal Detector)

GScan Metal Detector

Price: 7000 INR/Piece

oday, managing security is one of the primary challenges for large spaces like institutions, organisations and recreational complexes. Considering the influx of people at these places, foolproof security is difficult to attain. Hence, such crowded spaces need a security tool that can efficiently lead the security bandwagon. To address this concern eficiently, Godrej Security Solutions brings you the GscanHZ 10 a new age hand held metal detector which can detect even the smallest metal element in seconds.

Product Image (Security Key Management System)

Key Cabinet

Price: 2900000 INR/Piece

Godrej Key Management Systems is a one-of-a-kind simple yet efficient security key management system to keep all your keys safe. Along with securing your keys, it prevents unauthorized access and guards all keys against theft or misplacement Authorized Access Only: Each key is attached to a smart key (or Key Fob) which is individually identified and locked, allowing only authorized access. This is done using an RFID card or unique PIN codes or a combination of both. The LCD display meticulously traces every activity of the Electronic Key Management System and the electronic controllers grant authorized access only. After each key transaction, a record log is maintained using a time stamp. They are suitable for use in Hospitals, Banks, Government, and corporate offices, Malls, Parking Areas, Shops, etc

Product Image (Gscan Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS))

Car sanning System

Price: 2520000 INR/Piece

Godrej Under Vehicle Scanning System captures a very high resolution and complete composite underbody image of any vehicle passing over it using a single high-resolution area- scan GigE IP camera without requiring the vehicle to stop. It gives a real-time output of all the data on the monitor simultaneously, i.e. the composite image, driver photos, vehicle front image and license plate display. Godrej Under Vehicle Scanning System is able to handle vehicle moving at different speeds ranging from 0-40 km/hr while the composite image captured by the system is automatically and dynamically adjusted according to the speed of the vehicle using multiple loop-based sensors/ IR sensors.

Product Image (Blocking Bollards)

Blocking Bollards

Price: 500000 INR/Piece

Electro-hydraulically power operated, our security bollard barriers come in single or multiple units with a common drive unit. The standard blocking height above the surface level ranges between 600 mm to 850 mm. Aesthetically designed in different shapes and colours, this range of security bollard barriers is ideal for pedestrian zones in the city, fuel pumps as well as security purposes in front of important buildings. With the increase in incidents of terrorism using uncontrolled vehicles which can cause serious damage to life and property, there is a need to lay special emphasis on security checks at sensitive places. Godrej bollard barriers combat this possible threat, with the objective of thwarting unauthorised vehicular access. We bring to you blocking bollard barriers, the modern and innovative deterrent. These bollards are mainly used to block the entry of cars and automobiles in the restricted areas

Product Image (Tyre Ripper)

Road safety Gaurd

Price: 3500000 INR/Piece

Tyre Ripper control the unauthorized, defiant vehicles by stabbing their tyres; thus rendering them ineffectual. The rippers are driven by electromechanical drive unit and controlled by micro-controller. When the spikes are in up position, they will puncture the all the tyres of vehicle, attempting to gain a forced entry into the secured area. However, when these spikes are in sleeping position, the driveway is free for the passage of vehicles.

Product Image (Vigiguard Flap Barriers)

Vigiguard Flap Barriers

Price: 500000 INR/Piece

Ensuring security and crowd management at the entrance in areas with high pedestrian flow is a challenging task. To make this difficult task easier, Godrej Security Solutions presents VigiGuard Flap Barrier. Designed for pedestrian entrance control, flap barrier gate helps to control and secure access, allowing only one person through at a time. Vigiguard flap barrier gate works for indoor applications like office and admin buildings, IT parks, large business facilities, industrial areas, metro stations, airports, etc. The Godrej Flap barrier gate comes with a brushless DC motor that enables high reliability and long-lasting performance. Flap barrier gates are highly efficient and consumes power of up to 80 watts. The safety sensor prevents flaps from closing to ensure pedestrian safety. They come in better aesthetics having granite finish panel on the top and no sharp edges.

Product Image (Real Time Viewing System)

Real Time Viewing System

Price: 2000000 INR/Piece

Real Time Viewing System is a unique portable X-ray detector with a minifocus and microfocus constant-potential X-ray source. The voltage can be adjusted from 2 0 to 160kV. This allows inspecting objects made from (20-70kV is the optimal voltage for checking mail and thin objects, while 100-160kV works best for baggage and thick objects). One of the advantages of this X-ray inspection system is its ability to inspect areas of an object in fine detail using geometric magnification (up to 40 times)

Product Image (GScan Pole Ferromagnetic Contraband Detector)

GScan Pole Ferromagnetic Contraband Detector

Price: 600000 INR/Piece

G Scan Pole contraband screener is a ferro-magnetic metal detector for the detection of contrabands such as mobile phones laptops tablets smart watches guns knives razor blades and other threat items It screens the complete body in a single walk by for all ferro magnetic sources The system is simple and can be deployed within minutes and is ready to screen immediately The internal battery ensures power independent operation so GSCAN POLE can be deployed at any location It can find concealed phones and ferrous contraband can locate phones hidden behind walls under clothing or in packages bags and other objects It can even locate phones hidden inside someone s body

Product Image (Intelli- Access)

Intelli- Access

Price: 500000 INR/Piece

Experience next generation automated, multi-level security lockers with Godrej Security Solutions Intelli-Access. This intelligent offering can make businesses highly secure and efficient. With access options such as biometric, smart card and keypad, it frees businesses from forgery, fraud and burglary. It also reduces manpower and boosts efficiency as these lockers do not need manned supervision. They can be customised as per customer requirement and are perfect for banks and other financial institutions.

Product Image (46545)

Godrej swing lane Barrier Gate

Price: 6375000 INR/Piece

Godrej Swing Lane barrier is an innovative pedestrian control technology that is designed to achieve best balance between quality, performance and affordability. GSLB series provides a combination of reliable mechanical as well as electronic restriction for unauthorized visitors while still maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. Access control and time attendance reader can be integrated into Swing Lane barrier to improve accuracy of reporting. Swing Lane barriers are available in single lane and multi lane configuration with combination of standard pedestrian and wide handicapped lane. Flap barrier is designed using DC brushless Motor and highly reliable sensors to make it safe and secure. Model Series: GSLB - PS (With SS sheet finish), GSLB - PC (with premium EVD coloured SS sheet finish)

Product Image (54662)

Godrej vigiguard plus tripod turnstile

Price: 217120 INR/Piece

Ensuring security and crowd management at the entrance in areas such as railway platforms, passenger terminals, sports stadiums, etc requires a turnstile. So, in order to manage crowds at busy hours and restrict entries effectively, Godrej Security Solutions presents VigiGuard Slim Tripod Turnstile.Designed for pedestrian entrance control, these turnstile gates open only for those with authorised access. Its rotating arms allow one person through at a time

Product Image (4563)

Godrej Full Height Flap Barrier

Price: 382099 INR/Piece

Godrej full height flap barrier offers touchless access control and is an ideal contactless solution to control access to restricted areas. Applicable at railways, IT Park, seaports temples, shopping malls, defence, banks and airports, this high on design flap barrier offers elegant aesthetics that takes user comfort requirements into consideration.

Product Image (Automated Licence Plate Reading)

Automated Licence Plate Reading

Price: 300000 INR/Box

Features : It detects & reads license plates automatically in real time both during the day & night. It provided high accuracy of recognition. The number plate recognition system can process four wheelers with speed even up to 40 km/hr. It is capable of detecting & recognizing different dimensions, contrast, colour license plates with a variety of character font & style for four wheelers Automated classification & alert facility. Can handle multiple cameras located at multiple entry/exit gates & can be networked together to a centralized monitoring station The added feature of capturing the drivers image. State of the Art software for User-friendly interaction with the system. In built feature of automated ticket generation. Open system architecture

Product Image (45461)

Godrej Road Blocker

Price: 1600000 INR/Piece

Road Blocker is an electro-hydraulically operated rising step obstruction that rises above the ground level on giving a valid input signal and thus prevents unauthorized intrusions at entry/exit points of high security (Z+) premises. When in lowered position the vehicles can pass through, thereby providing a good, enhanced security blockage system. The housing and the blocking element of the Road Blocker are designed in full core steel profile construction with TESCON 4S coating, ensuring maximum safety against corrosion. The impact face of this road barrier is reinforced with steel ribs and impact plates to transfer mechanical forces to reinforced concrete foundation.

Product Image (13115)

G scan 9Z Walk Through Door Frame Metal Detector

Price: 218400 INR/Piece

Having effective security at the entrance of crowded areas like shopping malls, railway stations, and airports is crucial. Especially when there is only so much that manned security can do, it is important to have a solid security solution that you can rely on. Godrej Security Solutions G-Scan is the ultimate scanning device that you can count on for complete protection.

Product Image (31360097DG00504)

Air Ventilator for vaul room

Price: 55428 INR/Piece

The Godrej Air Ventilator ensures air passage and proper ventilation in the vault room by pushing out the air from the fan through a box shaped steel channel. The air ventilator can be adjusted within 30 cm to 46 cm for a perfect grip on the wall. It is fitted with a 1 cm thick MS front and rear plates reinforced with 5 cm thick oxyacetylene flame resisting plate. Its welded structure protects it against burglary while a pair of baffle plates ensures no flames enter the vault room directly, in the case of a fire breakout. The Godrej Air Ventilator also has perforations to ensure proper airflow. Proper air passage and ventilation are essential requisites for a vault room with atleast 6 air changes being recommended per hour

Product Image (31360097DG00508)

V Cage Vaul room

Price: 29726 INR/Piece

Exhaust fans are prone to accidents due to the high fan speed. Any mishap in a high security zone, such as a vault room, is invariably associated with potential security risks that a bank cannot afford to take. The Godrej V-Cage is a protective cage that encloses the exhaust fan and reduces the risk of accidents. It has a wire mesh on one end to prevent the direct access of air to the fan. Thus, preventing unwanted material from entering the fan and jamming it. The V-Cage also protects the fan from humidity, fire and dust.

Product Image (454644)

Vigiguard Plus Manual Swing Barrier Gate

Price: 218750 INR/Piece

Vigiguard Plus Manual Swing Barrier Gate Designed by experts, Vigiguard Plus Manual Swing Gate (GSWG S1) is an exhibition of style and sophistication. It exudes elegance and luxury. Be it at mass transit locations, IT parks, or airports; Vigiguard Plus Manual Swing Barrier Gate is guaranteed to enhance the ambiance of the world around you. You can now open wide the gateway to luxury and convenience today by installing these elegant and compact swing gates at your workspace.

Product Image (4445)

Vigiguard Mantrap

Price: 50000 INR/Piece

Vigiguard Mantrap Mantraps are most often used in physical security to separate non secure areas from secure areas and prevent unauthorised access. A mantrap or access control tubestile is a physical security access control system comprising of a small space with two sets of interlocking doors, such that the first set of doors must close before the second set opens. Typical applications ate datacenter, server room, pharma clear room etc.

Product Image (4448)

Godrej Steel Sleepers

Price: 120000 INR/Piece

Steel Sleepers In regions of high humidity or in places where seepage and moisture are inevitable, it is important to take that extra step to keep your and your customers™ valuables and documents safe and moisture-free.


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