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High Security Doors

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EXhaust fan

Price: 62135 INR/Box

Godrej Air Ventilator Universal Proper air passage and ventilation are essential requisites for a Vault Room / Currency Chest/Strong Room Dimension in cm (HxWxD): 48.5 X 48.5 X 42.5 Gross Weight: 85 Kg Net Weight: 70 Kg Colour: Grey

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Godrej Fortifi Solutions

Price: 100000 INR/Piece

Fortifi Godrej presents Fortifi- strengthening solutions to address modern-day burglary attempts. Recommended as per BIS, RBI and IBA, this solution includes upgradation and strengthening of strong room doors using fortified protective slabs giving the doors strength to withstand attacks. Strong room doors in some banks are often obsolete and ill-equipped to resist the modern-day burglary attempts. As technology advances, break-ins are no longer crude, amateur affairs. Burglars today use highly advanced tools and sophisticated equipment™s such as power drills, oxy acetylene torch and arc cutting technology. Thus, outdated strong room doors do not stand a chance to survive such onslaught. Fortifi-strengthening solution upgrades the strong room door by strengthening each region of the door and upgrading the locking mechanism. Fortifi can be customized according to your preferred size.


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