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Currency Counting Machine

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currency counting machine

Price: 75178 INR/Piece

Godrej Swift Turbo Ultima - Currency Counting Machine Swift Turbo Ultima is a machine specially designed for currency chest operations, which can work accurately for hours. A state-of- the art product, Swift Turbo ultima can not only count crisp notes, but also soiled ones with a high degree of speed and precision. It can operate for longer hours because of its state-of-the-art heat dissipation system. It can count all kinds of notes be it new, soiled or torn notes with precision. Built with sophisticated diagnostics, it can quickly rectify any faults within the machine so that the customer does not face downtime. Swift Turbo Ultima is best suited for high volume commercial businesses, banks and other financial organisations.

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counting currency machine

Price: 16387 INR/Piece

Godrej Count Matic Fake Note Detection & Currency Counting Machine Every note counted with utmost reliability accuracy and speed Godrej Count Matic is designed aesthetically with the latest technology keeping customer convenience and satisfaction in mind It is a preferred choice for smooth fast and reliable processing of notes. A high functioning friction-type currency counter it provides currency authentication at a high speed per minute. This compact machine has a modern design and is aesthetically pleasing. It is fast becoming the preferred choice of businesses to enable a smooth and fast procession of notes. As technology is getting more advanced and accessible, it is challenging for organizations to detect forgery. It has also become easier to replicate even high-quality duplicate notes currency. Though governments have embedded security features on the note it didnt solve the problem completely. For large financial institutions, banks, and businesses with high cash flow everyday counting and fake note detection are the key problem areas. Godrej Count Matic resolves those problems with complete efficiency Every note is counted with utmost reliability accuracy and speed and is apt for high volume cash transactions

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Fitness Sorter NX-2P

Price: 689700 INR/Piece

Bank on Godrejs all new Fitness Sorter Currency Counter to protect your business from losses. This smart machine can detect notes that are torn, soiled or taped, as well as those with graffiti. Its intelligent magnetic, UV & IR sensors can detect counterfeit notes in real-time. The Fitness Sorter Currency Counter can also increase efficiency of your business by counting notes quickly and accurately, recognizing currencies of different denomination and sorting them accordingly.

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Godrej Valumatic - Mix Value Counting Machine

Price: 59600 INR/Piece

Godrej Valumatic is a currency counting machine designed to keep count of your currency notes with ease and accuracy. Engineered with a double-sided image processing technology, Godrej Valumatic currency counting machine authenticates currency, differentiates between denominations, counts them and calculates the total value. It features a TFT color LCD and a user-friendly interface for simplified operations while increasing the overall efficiency of your business.

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Crusader Lite - Cash Counting Machine

Price: 21206 INR/Piece

Godrej Crusader Lite - Cash Counting Machine Crusader Lite is a currency handling machine that ensures every note is counted and checked. This machine provides authentication and complete accuracy. Whether it is counterfeit notes, torn notes, double notes or half notes, this machine detects it all. Powered by an ultraviolet and magnetic sensor, it conducts a self-check once powered on to ensure all sensors are working optimally, and points out errors, if any. It has an automatic mechanism that starts counting as soon as the notes are fed. Crusader Lite is made for commercial businesses, banks and other financial organisations.

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cash counting machine from mumbai

Price: 54674 INR/Piece

Godrej Swift Turbo - Note Counting Machine Swift Turbo is a currency note counting machine designed for heavy duty applications and packed with a host of user-friendly features. A state-of-the-art product, it can not only count crisp new notes, but also soiled old ones, all this with a high degree of accuracy and speed thus eliminating the time and inconvenience of manual counting. The machine can be customised to be operated in auto or manual mode. Some of the salient features of Swift Turbo include dual LED display to show the batch size of the notes, as well as the current counting number. Its feather touch keypad and dust removal system make it very easy to use. Swift Turbo is ideal for high volume commercial businesses, banks and other financial organisations.


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